Design Classics

3D Models collection: The most iconic and influential products ever designed.


In the vibrant world of interior design, history is replete with classic pieces that have defined and redefined style, functionality and aesthetics through the decades. These pieces are not simply furniture; they are emblems of innovation and creativity that have left an indelible mark on the art of design. Recognising the importance of these icons, we are pleased to announce an exclusive collection of design classics, with over 72 pieces, now available from BoModels at unprecedented prices. This collection represents a unique opportunity for 3D artists, architects and interior designers to incorporate vital pieces in any digital interior into their repertoire with minimal investment.

The editorial and 3D Models production has been directed by the Barcelonian CGi Interior Design studio BoyeroVisualizers. Renderings has been done by Javier Wainstein


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A Treasury of Classics

From the Eames chair to the Arco lamp, the Noguchi table to the Chesterfield sofa, our collection encompasses a variety of pieces that have been trendsetters throughout the ages. Each piece has been carefully selected for its historical impact, timeless beauty and continued relevance to modern design. These masterpieces are now presented as high quality 3D models, allowing them to be seamlessly and realistically integrated into digital and visual projects.



Accessibility without Compromise

Aware of the importance of making quality design accessible, we have set the lowest price on the market for this collection. Our aim is to democratise access to these iconic pieces, allowing 3D artists, architects and interior designers to enrich their creations without facing economic barriers. This initiative reflects our commitment to promoting design culture and supporting the creative community.



Quality and Accuracy in Digital Reproduction

The digital reproduction of each classic has been carried out with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the textures, dimensions and colours correspond faithfully to the originals. This process ensures that the 3D models are not only visually stunning, but also accurate and true to the essence of each piece. The high quality of these models opens up new possibilities for architectural presentations, interior design projects and product visualisations, providing a solid foundation for creative exploration.

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An Invitation to Innovate

We encourage design professionals and enthusiasts to explore this unique collection, taking the opportunity to integrate design classics into their projects at an unbeatable cost. Whether to enrich architectural visualisations, interior design projects or even for educational purposes, this collection offers a gateway into the history of design and innovation.

This is an invitation to immerse yourself in the legacy of design classics, to discover or rediscover these iconic pieces that have shaped our understanding of space and form. Visit BoModels to explore the full collection and start transforming your digital projects with pieces that have defined generations of design, now accessible like never before.


The most cheap Design classics 3D Models collection:

Acapulco Chair 3D Model, 60 Stool 3DModel, AJ Lamp 3D Model, Akari 10A Lamp 3D Model, Akari 1A Lamp 3D Model, Arco Floor Lamp 3D Model, Artichoke Lamp 3D Model, Atollo Lamp 3D Model, Barcelona Daybed 3D Model, Barcelona Lounge Chair 3D Model., Butterfly Armchair 3D Model, Cesca Chair 3D Model, Cesta Lamp 3D Model, CH20 Chair 3D Model, Chester Sofa 3D Model, Diamond Chair 3D Model, Disa Doderch Lamp 3D Model, DSW Chair 3D Model, e1027 Side Table 3D Model, EA-119 Chair 3D Model, Eames House Bird 3D Model, Eames Lounge Chair 3D Model, Egg Armchair 3D Model, Elda Armchair 3D Model, Eros Side Table 3D Model, Fauteuil De Salon Armchair 3D Model, Flowerpot VP3 Lamp 3D Model, Fun Lamp 3D Model, Grand Repos Armchair 3D Model, Littala Vases 3D Model, King Pierre Jeanneret Chair 3D Model, LC2 Armchair 3D Model, LC3 Chaise Lounge 3D Model, LCW Chair 3D Model, Le Chaise Armchair 3D Model, Little Tulip Armchair 3D Model, Louis Ghost Chair 3D Model, Mademosielle 3D Model, Maralunga Sofa 3D Model, MR Chair 3D Model, Nesso Lamp 3D Model, Noguchi Coffee Table 3D Model, Paimio Armchair 3D Model, Panthella Lamp 3D Model, Panton Chair 3D Model, PH Pendant  Lamp 3D Model, Pipistello Table Lamp 3D Model, Plywood Group LCM Chair 3D Model, Ribbon Chair 3D Model, Serie 7 Chair 3D Model, Shell Chair 3D Model, Shelving String 3D Model, Snoppy Lamp 3D Model, Sorianna Armchair 3D Model, Swan Armchair 3D Model, Taccia LED Lamp 3D Model, Thone 214 Chair 3D Model, TMC Floor Lamp 3D Model, Tobi-ishi Table 3D Model, Tray Side Table 3D Model