Flowers Collection

Beauty in small glasses


In the vast and diverse world of interior design and architectural visualisation, details make all the difference, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments. Recognising this power, we are proud to present an exceptional capsule collection of six vase flowers, a celebration of aesthetic beauty and good taste in floral selection. This collection does not follow a particular trend or style; instead, it focuses on the art of capturing the essence of natural beauty through an exaggerated attention to detail and a textural quality unmatched in the marketplace.

Discover our Flowers 3D Models Collection.




A Curation of Natural Beauty

Each 3D flower in this collection has been selected not only for its innate beauty, but also for its ability to communicate emotions and beautify digital spaces with its presence. From the delicacy of an orchid to the vibrant energy of a rose, each piece is a testament to good taste and an invitation to explore the depths of floral aesthetics. Presented in vases designed with equal care, these flowers are an ode to natural beauty, captured at its most pristine.



Textures and Details of Exceptional Quality

Every petal, stem and leaf has been modelled and textured with astonishing precision, ensuring that the authenticity of the flowers remains intact. The attention to detail is such that even the subtle natural imperfections that make each flower unique are present, offering a rich and tactile visual experience that defies the limits of digitisation.



Dark Light Still Lifes

The presentation of these vase flowers takes inspiration from the artistic technique of dark light, creating still lifes that masterfully play with light and shadow. This stylistic choice not only highlights the beauty of each flower, but also adds a layer of drama and emotion to the composition. The contrasts of light and dark accentuate the texture, shape and colour of the flowers, transforming each arrangement into a visual masterpiece.

 Discover The Flowers 3D Models Collection.


More than a Collection, an Aesthetic Experience

We invite 3D artists, architects, interior designers, and all lovers of design and nature to discover this capsule collection of flowers in vases at . It is not just about adding a decorative element to a digital space; it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in an aesthetic experience that celebrates beauty in its purest form. This collection explores not only the visual aesthetic of flowers presented in attractive still lifes, but also the emotionality and atmosphere they can create within any design project.

This capsule collection is available exclusively from BoModels, offering an unparalleled exploration of floral aesthetic beauty. Each model has been created to enrich architectural visualisations and interior design projects with a detail and quality that sets a new standard in the market. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these vase flowers, and let them transform your digital projects into memorable visual experiences.