New Mediterranean

natural and imperfect 3D ceramic vases

Collection of 3D Models of Vases

The New Med collection of Vases 3D models, curated by our art directors at BoModels, is an exquisite representation of how handcrafted ceramics have evolved to become a symbol of modern domestic luxury. This luxury, far from being ostentatious, focuses on warmth and simplicity, essential characteristics of warm minimalism. Ceramics, a traditional and sustainable material, have found a prominent place in our homes, not only as decorative objects, but as an integral part of interior architecture and furnishings.

 The editorial and 3D Models production has been directed by the Barcelonian CGi Interior Design studio BoyeroVisualizers.



The 25 vases selected by BoModels are a clear example of this trend. Each piece, unique in its form and finish, reflects a sense of authenticity and connection to artisanal roots. These vases, characterised by their imperfect beauty, feature a palette of neutral colours - whites, creams, sands, earth tones, greys, browns - that evoke a sense of serenity and calm. These soft, earthy tones blend seamlessly into any space, bringing a sense of tranquillity and cosiness.


This is the most curated and specialised 3D Models Collection of Mediterranean-inspired vases on the market.


 Contemporary potters such as Marta Bonilla, LadelaJulia or Danidevito Studio have been a great influence on this collection. Inspired by their work, BoModels has managed to capture the essence of Mediterranean ceramics in these pieces. Each vase, vase, tableware, lamp or sculpture reflects the dedication and introspective approach of its creators. The apparent simplicity of these pieces hides the richness of their creation process, where each stroke, each curve, speaks of the history and passion of the craftsman.



The beauty of the New Med Vases 3d Models collection lies in its ability to unite craftsmanship, art and design. The soft, rounded and irregular shapes of each piece are not just an aesthetic choice, but a tribute to the nature of the material and the artisanal process. It is in these imperfections that the collection finds its true beauty, a beauty that translates into timeless pieces that are deeply connected to the Mediterranean tradition.



In short, the BoModels New Med collection is not just a collection of ceramic objects; it is a celebration of imperfect beauty, an ode to sustainability and a showcase of the new luxury in interior design. Each piece tells a story, a story of tradition, sustainability and design, making them a must-have for any modern home.