Rattan Furniture Collection

Natural beauty and relaxed elegance

In the world of interior design, rattan has undergone a spectacular renaissance, emerging as a material of choice for both its flexibility and aesthetic warmth. Its versatile nature makes it a favourite for creating pieces that combine natural beauty, durability and a touch of relaxed elegance.

In our 3D Rattan collection, we explore a careful selection of 75 rattan pieces that not only capture the essence of this renaissance, but also set trends in contemporary furniture design. These pieces have been meticulously modelled, textured and rendered by a team of industry-leading 3D artists, and are now available for purchase on our platform, dedicated exclusively to high-quality 3D models for 3D artists, 3D interior designers and 3D architects.

 The editorial and 3D Models production has been directed by the Barcelonian CGi Interior Design studio BoyeroVisualizers.



The Fusion of Art and Functionality

Rattan, with its unique texture and ability to be moulded into diverse shapes, offers an exceptional palette for designers. From hanging chairs that serve as a personal refuge to elegant lamps that diffuse warm, welcoming light, each piece has been selected for its uniqueness and ability to transform any space. The collection includes everything from accent pieces to functional pieces of furniture, all of which stand out for their innovative design and sustainability. Among the brands featured in our collection are selected 3D models and modelling from Heaps & Woods.

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3D Creation Process: From Organic to Digital

Creating these rattan pieces in the digital world is a fascinating process. It begins with conceptualisation and design, where the designer's vision is translated into detailed sketches. These sketches serve as the basis for 3D modelling, a stage where the basic shapes are built using advanced modelling software such as Autodesk 3D Max Studio and the rendering software Vray and Corona Render.

Texturing follows, a meticulous process where detailed texture maps are applied to replicate the natural look and feel of rattan. Finally, rendering brings these pieces to life with realistic lighting and shadows, ensuring that every detail, from weave to colour variation, is accurately rendered.




Invitation to Explore

We invite interior designers, architects, and design enthusiasts to explore this exclusive collection. Each piece of rattan has been transformed into a high-quality 3D model, ready to enrich digital projects or inspire real-world creations. This selection not only celebrates the natural beauty and versatility of rattan, but also highlights the artistry and skill involved in its digital reproduction.

The integration of traditional craftsmanship with 3D modelling technologies opens up new possibilities for interior design, allowing the beauty of rattan to be accessible to a global audience. We hope this collection will inspire and witness continued innovation in the field of furniture design.



Discover the complete collection and start your design journey at BoModels. Each 3D model is available for purchase and download, allowing design professionals and amateurs to take their projects to the next level with a touch of naturalness and sophistication.